2020 Beijing Integrity Founding Enterprise

BRIO won the title of "2020 Beijing Integrity Founding Enterprise"

Jan 02, 2022 | 26 Likes

  The Beijing Electronic Chamber of Commerce has organized the 2020 integrity creation activities for the purpose of promoting the corporate integrity brand value and enhancing corporate integrity management awareness. After publicity and mobilization, voluntary corporate telegrams, credit information collection, third-party agency credit investigation, preliminary review by chambers of commerce, comprehensive review by experts, and public announcements, Beijing BRIO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded as "2020 Beijing Integrity Enterprise".

  Honesty is the foundation of an enterprise and the way to vitalizing its business. Since its establishment, BRIO has always insisted on our conviction"integrity first, people-oriented". Marvel, we firmly believe, as a laurel is the value embodiment of corporate credit accumulation and credit wealth.

  In the future, Brilliant Electronics will further spread the cultural philosophy of honesty, promote the construction of social credit system and the healthy development of the industry.

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