Canada Brio Technology Ltd. Proudly Announces the Opening of our 3rd Factory

July 21, 2011

Our head office Beijing Brio Technology Ltd. has finally completed moving into their new, custom built factory, located in Yi Zhuang Economical & Technological Development Zone, Beijing. This 280,000 sq. ft. Green Technology building boasts 'state of the art' specifications with a Geothermal System that includes 408 heating and cooling wells, strategically placed under the buildings foundation. This new stream-line operation is more than four times the size of our previous factory and our North American Customers, once again have their own separate production lines, reserved exclusively for their needs, which include: SMT Lines, Project Managers, Engineers and production staff.

Current customers include; BOE, GE, Panasonic, Pioneer, Motorola and Phillips-NXP. Brio Technology has always operated with a minimum excess capacity of 20% and to this end, we will soon begin breaking ground on a 2nd facility, also located on this site.

'We are very excited to have our people working in such a beautiful, modern facility, which not only hosts leading environmental, labour and ethical practices, but is simply a wonderful environment for everyone to work in.' said Canada Brio Product Manager, Igor Pakhomov.

To learn more about Canada Brio Technology or to arrange for a tour of our new factory, please contact Igor Pakhomov @ 604-430-2027 or check out our website @ &

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