Igor Pakhomov, Product Manager


Brio Technology assigns Igor Pakhomov as Product Manager

February 2008

Brio Technology Ltd. is pleased to announce that Igor Pakhomov has joined Canada Brio as Product Manager. Igor comes from an extensive electronics and mechanical background. He has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has obtained certificates in Computing Machinery and Numerical Control Systems. He has also gained solid working experience in production and engineering.

“We believe his technical and engineering expertise, attention to detail and precision, and analytical skill will contribute greatly to the smoothness of manufacturing for our NA customer’s products in our China facility.” – Commented Brio’s President, Mr. Tongxing Yang – “With Igor coming on board, we are confident that barriers in technical communications can be eliminated since all questions relating to document, product specifications, and potential manufacturing issues will be studied and solved with our NA customers before conveying them to our China facility, in which case, the smoothness of manufacturing and quality output of products can be ensured”.

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