Canada BRIO Technology was established in April 2005 to serve as the sales and technical support centre for BRIO Technology's North American clients. BRIO Technology recognized their clients' need to have a local presence in North America to bridge the language and time difference with the factories in China. This presence has enabled our clients to be able to work with a local company while enjoying the cost benefits of manufacturing in China.

BRIO Technology is the largest privately owned electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider in Northern China. With locations in Beijing and Shanghai, BRIO currently operates 22 automated SMT production lines with 11 lines in each ISO9001 & ISO14000 certified facility. To accommodate the development needs of our North American clients, BRIO has dedicated 2 automation lines to prototyping and low-volume production. BRIO's current customers include; GE Medical, Motorola, JVC, Philips, Panasonic and Pioneer. With an extensive array of test capabilities including AOI, flying probe, and ICT, combined with a sophisticated quality management system, BRIO delivers quality that exceeds customer expectations.

BRIO has over 9 years of lead-free soldering experience to meet RoHS compliance standards. Through our fast turnaround service and an enhanced procurement system (where parts are purchased through approved vendors only), BRIO can cater to both clients with low-volume/high-mix products, as well as those with high-volume/low-mix.

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Our Canada BRIO office is located just 15 km west of the Vancouver International Airport in Burnaby, BC. Our team's average experience is over 20 years in the electronics manufacturing service industry. Please give us a call; we are ready to speak with you regarding your electronic manufacturing needs.


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